If you've ever engaged in football betting, you're likely familiar with various main and side bet types. One of the side bet types that has gained strong popularity among players is corner kick betting. So, what is corner kick betting? What are the different types of corner kick bets, and what should you consider for an effective corner kick betting strategy? Wintips will provide specific answers to these questions in the following article.

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Overview of Corner Kick Betting in Football Betting
Also known as Throw-in betting, corner kick betting is somewhat similar to over/under betting. In most football matches, corner kicks are a common occurrence. Corner kicks are a way to restart play when the ball goes out of bounds over the goal line. The throw-in, in this case, helps end the opponent's attack effectively.
Corner kick betting offers players more diverse options for placing bets. The result of these bets is determined by the total number of corner kicks both teams earn during the match. Corner kick betting is a form of running bet, and the handicap odds apply to each half or the entire match, depending on your choice.
Common Types of Corner Kick Bets
First Corner Kick Bet
Players predict which team will perform the first valid corner kick in a specific match. Stronger teams often have an advantage in corner kicks. The chances of winning this type of bet are typically 50-50.
Handicap Corner Kick Bet
Similar to Handicap betting, this type of bet involves applying handicap odds. Based on information about team strength, recent form, tactics, lineup, etc., players predict which team will earn more corner kicks, including the handicap advantage. Depending on the final outcome, players can win their entire bet, half their bet, break even, or lose.

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Over/Under Corner Kick Bet
Bookmakers set a specific number. Players predict whether the actual number of corner kicks in the match or half will be higher or lower than the given number. Choosing higher is Over, and choosing lower is Under. Correct predictions result in a win, while incorrect predictions result in a loss. If the total number of corner kicks equals the bookmaker's number, players will receive their bet back.
Key Considerations for Corner Kick Betting
Pay Attention to Valid Corner Kicks
Players need to know which corner kicks are considered valid or invalid.
Corner kicks that need to be retaken due to mistakes are still considered valid.
Corner kicks that are curled in from the side are also counted.
Corner kicks taken during extra time or stoppage time are not counted.
Consider the Betting Timing
For over/under corner kick bets and handicap corner kick bets, players can choose to bet on the first half, second half, or the entire match. The first corner kick bet is counted for the whole match and ends when the first corner kick is taken.
Take All Potential Influences on Match Outcome into Account
Important factors to consider include: team strength, recent form, motivation, lineup, coach's strategy, playing field conditions, weather, playing time, playing frequency, etc.
Monitor the Match Progress Accurately
When closely monitoring the match progress and losing the first corner kick bet, players can consider a comeback strategy to recover their investment.
One important thing to know is that matches with teams known for strong attacking play and fast-paced matches usually result in more corner kicks.

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The above content covers what we wanted to share. We hope that it provides valuable information for you in understanding and choosing this type of betting. Good luck and success to you!