The Asian Handicap +1, also known as a 1-ball handicap, is a type of Asian Handicap bet. There are two forms of handicaps: the monetary handicap and the whole-ball handicap. When there is a significant difference in the betting odds between the two sides, it will shift to the +1 handicap. With the +1 handicap, the stronger team will give the weaker team a one-goal advantage. This type of handicap can result in several possible outcomes for betting:
If the stronger team wins by a goal difference of two or more, with scorelines like 2-0, 3-1, 3-0, etc., the stronger team bet will win.
If the stronger team wins by a goal difference of only one, with scorelines like 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc., the bet will be a draw, and the stake will be returned.
If the match ends in a draw or the weaker team wins, the stronger team bet will lose.

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Best Tips for Playing Asian Handicap +1
When the stronger team is given a +1 handicap, it somewhat reflects a significant difference in the strengths of the two teams. However, the choice between betting on the stronger team or the weaker team depends on the specific match.
Asian Handicap +1 is often associated with substantial betting amounts. Therefore, to play the +1 handicap effectively, you can consider the following tips:
Gather as much information about the match as possible: Before placing your bet, you need to know the team's form and strength. Also, consider the home performance concerning this handicap. The more information you have, the more informed your decision will be.
Observe the fluctuation in betting odds: The odds on the betting board are not fixed and change continuously, even during the match. You should pay attention while the game is underway. If the handicap decreases from +1 to +0.75, or remains the same but the payout for the weaker team decreases, then choose the weaker team.

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Learn and be creative during football matches: When playing this handicap, you shouldn't be too mechanical. Pay attention to the results of previous matches to accumulate experience. Additionally, be creative in your betting approach to suit each situation.
Maintain a stable betting capital: Avoid betting too much on any match. With this betting style, your chances of winning will increase significantly over time.

Notes for Playing Asian Handicap +1
In addition to the tips mentioned above, do not overlook the following notes to increase the feasibility of winning this type of handicap:
If the stronger team is playing at home and significantly outranks the weaker team, you should prioritize betting on the stronger team.
If the stronger team has excellent form and a strong attacking lineup, while the weaker team has a weak defense and a history of conceding many goals, you should also choose the stronger team.
If the stronger team is playing away and has a consistent performance, especially with a solid defense, while the weaker team is given a +1 handicap, you may consider betting on the weaker team.

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These are all the knowledge about the Asian Handicap +1 that Wintips has compiled to share with you. We hope this information will help you master the Asian Handicap +1 and greatly assist your profit-making journey.