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Sexual Murderers

Jean Proulx. Sexual Murderers Authors:Jean Proulx.
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Book Summary:
Sexual Murderers successfully takes on the challenge of expanding upon the little that is known about the developmental and psychological profile of sexual murderers, with a range of startling empirical results that subsume and challenge traditional perspectives. The English translation of the definitive, evidencebased book profiling sexual murderers, Les Meurtriers Sexual, proves an invaluable tool for criminologists, forensic psychologists and psychiatrists worldwide. It features material from a range of international contributors including chapters that delve into new case studies and broaden the reach of the research topic. The text is divided into three parts. The firs part presents the results of the Montreal Study of Sexual Murderers, covering theories of developmental psychology, identification of psychopathologies, plus statistics and case studies. The second part uncovers the results of the Birmingham Study of Sexual Murderers, including research on the typology...

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