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Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy

Shmuley Boteach. Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy Authors:Shmuley Boteach.
Publisher:Main Street Books
Price:1804 rub.

Book Summary:
In "Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy", Rabbi Boteach pioneers a revolutionary approach to sex, marriage, and personal relationships, drawing on traditional Jewish wisdom. Using his experiences counseling individuals and couples, the author breaks down sexual taboos and openly, yet respectfully, discusses the meanings, emotions, and the hidden power of sex. With his unique anecdotal style, Rabbi Boteach illustrates each and every point, using real couples who have discovered the joys of "kosher sex" - sex based on love, trust, and real intimacy. He profiles the two most common types of couples--best friends and passionate lovers - and suggests ways of synthesizing the best that each type has to offer. Rabbi Boteach also has advice for singles on finding the right partner; for individuals either willing to take their long-term relationship to the next level or unsure about doing so; and for married couples who may be experiencing problems in their sex life....

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