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Tantra : Path of Ecstasy

Georg Phd Feuerstein. Tantra : Path of Ecstasy Authors:Georg Phd Feuerstein.
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Book Summary:
In Tantra, the world is the union of the male and female as manifested in human life as sexual and spiritual love. Sexuality becomes a form of meditation, a sacred and magical act. Tantra is millennia old, yet brings us a fresh vision of ourselves, our life, and the world. It is exotic and archaic yet close to our own roots. Van Lysebeth's book reveals secret sexual techniques to enhance relationships and open the doors of perception. He also explores how the repression of the feminine in the world's patriarchal cultures is the esoteric cause of the modern world's crisis. Van Lysebeth's book, illustrated with eight colour pages of Indian paintings drawn from the Tantric experience, is for all readers looking for new dimensions and understanding in their lives. From the Author This book rectifies popular misconceptions about Tantra. The popular Western (and even Eastern) opinion about Tantra is that it is "spiritual sexuality" at best or "sexual libertarianism" at worst. In actual...

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