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Pandora's Box : Open Your Mind to a New World of Sexual Adventures

Suzie Hayman. Pandora's Box : Open Your Mind to a New World of Sexual Adventures Authors:Suzie Hayman.
Price:3597 rub.

Book Summary:
Book Description Open Pandora's Box to expose a sizzling array of tantalizing ideas for any couple wanting to embark on new sexual adventures. New lovers standing on the sexual precipice, wondering how far to jump in order to satisfy their new partner, will gain confidence from its positive message. Equally, couples in long-standing sexual relationships seeking novel sexual experiences will find it enlightening. Ultimately sexual experience originates in the mind. Developing this powerful tool in terms of sharing fantasies and role-plays, such as the Power Games, All Tied Up and Paying For It scenerios included, can make a couple's relationship dynamic and exciting. Opening Pandora's Box will help each couple on a journey to sexual exploration and enlightenment, being the first book and pack to give them the confidence to satisfy each other's dreams and desires.

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