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Aromaterapia Sensual (The Art of Sensual Aromatherapy)

Nitya Lacroix. Aromaterapia Sensual (The Art of Sensual Aromatherapy) Authors:Nitya Lacroix.
Price:1893 rub.

Book Summary:
Book DescriptionThrough simple and effective techniques and with the support of attractive photos, this book teaches how to create a sensual atmosphere through the stimulation of all the senses; how to improve one?s sexual, emotional and spiritual relationships; how to enjoy a self-massage; and how to liven up sexual encounters. This romantic guide will allow couples to enjoy their intimacy as they learn how to combine the old art of aromatherapy and massage in order to give and receive the maximum pleasure. Description in Spanish: En este libro, tu y tu pareja aprenderan a combinar las antiguas artes de la aromaterapia y el masaje para dar y recibir el maximo placer. Asimismo, es una excelente fuente de informacion para quienes quieren iniciar o extender su coleccion de aceites esenciales. Aqui encontraran: la historia, caracteristicas y propiedades afrodisiacas de plantas, flores y hierbas y de sus esencias...

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