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Great Legs! : Every Girl's Guide to Healthy, Sexy, Strong Legs

Jane Merrill. Great Legs! : Every Girl's Guide to Healthy, Sexy, Strong Legs Authors:Jane Merrill.
Price:1467 rub.

Book Summary:
Book Description "You can be as old as the hills," Jane Merrill's mother advised her at a young age, "and still show a little leg." Mom knew best. After all, she'd modeled for Vogue and other fashion magazines and considered good leg care a great investment. Jane took note-actually lots of them as she grew up and saw what great legs can do for any woman-until she had an encyclopedic file on how to get great legs and keep them at any age. Now Merrill's Great Legs! shares that wealth of leg care and fitness knowledge. The book covers everything from traditional and home treatments to once-proprietary spa secrets and high-tech leg care techniques. The author delivers this gold mine of "limb-formation" in a fun and easy-to-grasp style, as one girlfriend passing on beauty tips to another. A healthy combination of quotations, photographs, fun facts, and hip shopping tips makes Great Legs! a must-read for all women. Great Legs! includes home methods of hair removal,...

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