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The Sexy Bitch's Party: Living It, Throwing It, and Being It

Lulu Davidson. The Sexy Bitch's Party: Living It, Throwing It, and Being It Authors:Lulu Davidson.
Price:1386 rub.

Book Summary:
Book DescriptionFor the sexy bitch, a party is an opportunity to release her creative wild spark. This book helps women gain confidence and showcase their uninhibited, individual style at any party. The author shows how to develop a party persona, including flirting techniques, accessorizing the ultimate party outfit, and mastering the art of entrances and exits. The book is packed with tips for everything from breathing life into a dead party to finding a fashionable male accessory (aka "date") and dealing with any unwanted morning-after hangovers (including male accessories). The Sexy Bitch's Party ? Living It, Throwing It, and Being It features sexy bitch makeovers of traditional parties, including birthday, Halloween, New Year's Eve, and bachelorette parties. When it's time to hostess a party, this book shows how to elevate any get together to legendary status. There's down-and-dirty advice on how to set the scene, serve great food, mix cool drinks, and seed the...

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